Alan K.

CNR is continuing to help me overcome many obstacles. All of the employees at the facility are very friendly, understanding, and able... Read Full Testimonial »


Hey! My name is CB. I had a skim boarding accident on December 16, 2008 and shattered my C4 vertebrae. This accident... Read Full Testimonial »

Kevin M.

CNR is not physical therapy. Instead they provide a comprehensive activity-based strength training and gait strengthening program beyond what most traditional physical... Read Full Testimonial »

Norma S.

CNR provides an excellent opportunity for spinal cord injury individuals who refuse to accept the negativity of traditional rehabilitations. Without the lure... Read Full Testimonial »

Roy R.

Roy-SCI T7-T8, Complete If you are reading this testimonial, congratulations! You have found one of the best SCI post rehabilitation gyms on... Read Full Testimonial »

Tom D.

The staff at CNR has successfully created a results oriented environment perfect for those of us needing to increase our strength, muscle... Read Full Testimonial »