Muscle Memory Training Leads to Neuro Recovery

Repetitive muscle memory training is aimed to assist clients recovering from:

  • Spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Stroke
  • (mild) Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Other neurological disorders like GBSALS or MS

What Is Muscle Memory?Muscle_Memory

Every movement we make is the result of our muscles working in a coordinated pattern learned through repetition.

In the case of nervous system injury or disorders, these muscle patterns are disrupted.

In simpler words, the muscle “forgets” how to move in the usual patterns. As a result, clients with a central nervous system injury or disorder are unable to perform the necessary movements.

Old muscles have the ability to relearn new functional movements that they once had. It’s called muscle memory. 

How Can You Stimulate Muscle Memory?

In the past, the medical community thought that the body would never be able to rebuild the movement patterns or motor skills. That would mean that once a disability occurs, it is permanent.

At our modern neurology recovery center, we consistently prove that’s not the case. Our certified exercise specialists help clients:

  • Retrain weakly or neglected muscles
  • Build strength, function, and achieve independence
  • Keep their bodies toned


Our Comprehensive Activity-Based Strength Training (C.A.S.T.®) stimulates muscle memory. Our repetitive functional movement strength training exercises work all available muscular groups in the body to ensure the best outcome.