Gain Abilities after Neuro Rehabilitation at the Center For Neuro Recovery

At the Center for Neuro Recovery, we help our clients regain maximum ability to perform voluntary movements on their own, through a functional movement exercise program paced for each individual. Our unique functional movement patterning program helps clients achieve strength, function, and independence which often leads to new neuro recovery.

Neuro Rehabilitation in unlike our Comprehensive Activity-based Strength Training or C.A.S.T.® program which was designed specifically to help people with spinal cord injury, stroke and other center for neuro recoveryneurological disorders regain lost function of weaken muscle groups, improve overall body strength, promote bone density, and stimulate the body central nervous system through muscle memory, all in a comprehensive functional movement patterning exercise program.

How is Center For Neuro Recovery different? Many Neuro Rehabilitation programs are about adaptation, our innovative program encompasses working the the entire body! At the Center For Neuro Recovery we work ALL major muscle groups to increase strength in the upper body, core (abdominals and obliques) and the lower body (hips and legs), along with weight-bearing and cardiovascular exercises.

Each neurological injury or disorder comes with a unique set of life-changing circumstances. The Center for Neuro Recovery’s C.A.S.T.® program helps you push as hard as you can to achieve maximum functionality and independence. We succeed when other Neuro Rehabilitation centers release clients from their care.

  • The Center for Neuro Recovery program has four key goals:

  • 1 Help qualified clients who have suffered a stroke, spinal cord injury, or have been diagnosed with a neurological disorder such as ALS, MS, AVM, GBS, or CES maintain peak physical conditioning and improve
    functional ability through strength training programs.
  • 2 Improve quality of life by decreasing secondary complications, enhance sensory and motor function through functional movement patterning exercises, and reduce dependence on family and loved ones.
  • 3 Promote muscle memory with comprehensive strength training for the whole body through functional movement patterning exercises of all capable muscle groups.
  • 4 Enhance lifelong health and wellness by slowing or reversing muscle atrophy, building core strength, and improving flexibility