Neuro Recovery – Train to Thrive

We’re Here to Help You Push Past Your Limits

Conventional neuro recovery is typically geared towards helping people “resign” themselves to a new reality. Individuals with physical disabilities are told to accept a life of limited strength and mobility.

We think there’s a better approach to neuro recovery. 

Clients deserve more. Our recovery program is not only meant to help clients cope with their situation, but we also want to see them thrive and continually improve.

That is one of the reasons why the Center for Neuro Recovery is among the best neuro recovery centers in the US right now. 

We consistently receive referrals from prestigious national and international recovery centers and hospitals. We also help clients who want to continue to improve their condition post-recovery.

Traditional neuro recovery teaches clients how to adapt, not evolve. Our Comprehensive Activity Strength Training (C.A.S.T.) attracts clients looking for a better alternative.

Neuro Recovery: Regain Abilities and Improve the Quality of Your Life

More and more people are refusing to accept the limits inflicted by their diagnosis. Regardless of their disability, they are willing to push their boundaries to experience stronger outcomes.

In our modern facility, clients can build their bodies with functional movement exercise. They become stronger, more independent and ready for new neurological breakthroughs.

We encourage clients to work towards removing each limit one step at a time and exceed their expectations. We do so by offering:

  • Knowledgeable and highly-skilled staff
  • Specialized functional movement exercise training. It’s designed to spark new neural links and ignite muscle memory
  • State-of-the-art equipment for training
  • Access to a modern facility
  • Positive environment that fosters camaraderie


Our goal is to help clients:

  • Regain their independence
  • Maximize their physical capability
  • Gain maximum strength and mobility
  • Reduce the risk of secondary complications
  • Learn new abilities


Successful neuro recovery is more than just adapting to new circumstances. We think our clients are capable of much more, and they have proved us right time and time again. Discover their inspiring stories here.

Our neuro recovery center is a place where we like to make things possible.

In the words of one of our recovering clients: “CNR, a great place, with great people, doing great things.”

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