C.A.S.T Program: The Best Exercises for Neurological Disorders

The benefits of exercises for neurological disorders are backed up by new industry-leading research. Clients who experienced a stroke or spinal cord injury have shown significant improvements, such as:

  • Improved muscle strength
  • Increased functionality
  • Lower risk of developing secondary complications

Exercises for Neurological Disorders Help Our Clients Regain Their Independence

There are no cures for spinal cord injury, stroke, or a neurological condition like ALS or MS. However, functional movement exercises are producing tremendous results. 

Recovery for neurological disorders means helping clients regain functionality and independence. That is precisely what our C.A.S.T program was created to do.

To achieve maximum results, our program combines:

  • Repetitive treadmill stepping
  • Gait strengthening
  • Weight bearing activities
  • Research-backed exercise training equipment


The goal of our exercises for neurological disorders is to help clients build overall body strength. That ”reminds” the spinal cord below the level of injury how to activate the muscles needed for standing, walking and even running.

This form of training is used to promote “muscle memory” in exercises for both athletes and physically challenged people. 

Our C.A.S.T Program Integrates Global Research and Leading Experts

Our neuro recovery center stays connected to current developments when it comes to exercises for neurological disorders.  It’s how we can maintain the highest standards.

When new research and equipment is brought to the marketplace and validated, we know about it. We then work with reputable researchers and recovery specialists to integrate these cutting-edge protocols.

As a result, we offer the most comprehensive and affordable functional movement program in the US.

Our skilled specialists can assist clients affected by spinal cord injurystroke, and other neurological disorders.

At the end of the day, our goal is to offer real hope for people seeking independence and a fulfilling lifestyle.

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